Organizational Structure

The General Assembly:

The members of the boards of directors of the Chambers of Commerce collectively have a membership of 198 members (businessmen) who were elected by all of the affiliated members of the Palestinian Chambers each in his region. As for the distribution of the members of the General Assembly of the Federation over the main economic activities.

Federation Council:

The Federation Council consists of a group of chairmen of the Chambers of Commerce (18 members) where the president of each chamber is a member of the Federation Council. Thus, according to the law, the President of the Federation and the Vice-Presidents are elected by the members of the Council. The primary mission of the Federation Council is to:

  1. Setting and supervising the implantation of Federation's policy and work plan.
  2. Administrating the financial affairs of the Federation.
  3. Appointing the General Secretary of the Federation to conduct the Federation's business.
  4. Working to achieve the union's goals.
  5. Coordinating between the chambers and tending for their interests.
  6. Inviting the General Assembly of the Federation for the regular and emergency meetings.
  7. Participating with the relevant authorities in preparing draft laws and legislations related to economic issues.
  8. Any other matters that achieve the goals of the Union and the national economy in Palestine.


An executive body of employees distributed in the following departments, is working in the Federation:

  1. Public Administration and International Relations.
  2. Economic Unit.
  3. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Unit.
  4. Department of Finance.
  5. Information Service Unit.
  6. Secretarial and Archive Unit.
  7. Public Relations Department.
  8. Vocational Training Service.
  9. Business Development Department (BAS).
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