Network Relations:

Since its establishment, the Federation has worked to build and strengthen ties of cooperation by building a network of relationships at all national, Arab, Islamic, regional and international levels.

The DNN Partner Network

At the national level The Federation, through its administrative and executive staff, has been building and consolidating relations with the institutions of the Palestinian National Authority and related institutions since 1993, among these institutions are:
  1. The Ministry of National Economy: It is the reference for the Palestinian Federation and Chambers and all institutions and representative committees for the Palestinian private sector.
  2. The Ministry of Planning: Through active participation in preparing and formulating the development plan and projects directed to the development of the Palestinian private sector and its representative institutions.
  3. Ministry of Labor: As one of the parties to the tripartite partnership, "the three social partners: the government, employers and the workers organizations" and participation in the policy and strategy committees related to employment and vocational and technical training.
  4. The Ministry of Finance: This is related to laws and legislations that affect the private sector, such as income tax, customs, and value-added tax.
  5. The Palestine Monetary Authority: This is in relation to the financial policies of the banking sector as a supporter of development, as well as lending policies, interest and credit facilities.
  6. The Coordination Council for Private Sector Enterprises: The Federation presides over the permanent presidency of the Coordination Council whose membership includes in addition to the Federation of Chambers the General Federation of Palestinian Industries, the Palestinian Trade Center by Trade, the Businessmen Association, the Association of Banks, the Federation of Insurance Companies and the Federation of Information Systems Companies - Beta Administrative services for tourist establishments ASTAP.
  7. In addition to the foregoing, the Federation is an active and main member of each of the following national committees and bodies:
  • Palestinian Standards and Metrology Organization (PSI)
  • Industrial Cities Authority PIEFZA
  • Palestinian Employment Fund
  • Labor Policy Committee
  • TVET - Vocational Education and Training
  • Joint Economic Coordination and Follow-up Committee: It is a committee from the public and private sectors concerned with the follow-up, consultation and dialogue on all economic issues and issues of concern to the Palestinian private sector.
  • Palestinian Consultative Council for Statistics
On the Arab, regional and international levels The Union has worked hard to establish a network of regional and international relations with regard to joint cooperation in issues of concern to employers' organizations, and the private sector that it represents. These regional and international bodies and organizations are:
  1. Membership in the General Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture for Arab countries.
  2. Arab Labor Organization.
  3. Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Federation of International Chambers.
  4. Joint Arab foreign chambers.
  5. International Labor Organization (ILO).

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